Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads Playbook

By Rosalia Rivera

What you need to know to get started using paid ads on FB & IG to grow your business and spend wisely!


Interested in my upcoming ADS course? You'll learn:

The secrets to the most effective ad strategies

The secrets to getting the algorithm to WORK FOR YOU! (yes, it's possible)

How to outline your goals, so you get the most bang for your buck!

Learn how to create your ads using specific tools!

Learn how to find your ideal audience using ads.

How to create custom audiences, look alikes and using your list!

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About Rivera Represents

Rosalia Rivera (@riverarepresents)

Hey you! I'm Rosalia Rivera, owner of Rivera Represents. Besides being an eco-conscious foodie, I'm a Spanglish social media marketing coach, and branding expert. My goal is to help you gain online visibility so you can increase your influence and more importantly, your profits!

With over 18 years in the commercial photography, graphic design and marketing industry, my experience and knowldege helps entrepreneurs grow their business. I am all about REAL STRATEGY, NOT HOPE MARKETING.

Start learning how to attract your IDEAL customer. Start growing your influence and more importantly, start growing your profits.

Want To Work Together? Book a Consultation!

This is so I can help create powerful results. I love working with clients that I know are DOERS and are willing to follow the strategies I advise.  

For this reason, I require doing a 1 hour consultation before we commit to a full month of one-on-one coaching.  

The fee for this one hour consultation is $250(CAD)* and is due upon scheduling.  

What you'll receive for the consultation.  

• An initial overview/evaluation of your current marketing strategy.  

• A review of your business goals.  

• An evaluation of your business strategy to develop your online marketing strategy.  

• A recording of our consultation session (screen recorded via Zoom). 

• If we agree to proceed, you'll receive a written overview of our consultation and the 4 week contract to proceed with the coaching, strategy development and implementation plan.  

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